Friday, December 28, 2012

12 Brands of Christmas - 9 Ladies Dancing

A lot of the time, Christmas is be about children. They get so excited, with all the decorations and presents and or course, Santa dropping off some toys. There are so many presents available, electronic games, consoles, things that talk and walk, but it's still important to get kids more traditional things, like books. At the end of a long day, kinds need to wind down, and at bedtime reading a book is more important than them still playing on some playstation game. 
Ladybird books are known worldwide, with the first book being printed during the First World War. There is an extensive range of books - something for everyone, and even books that adults love. There has been quite a number of variations on the Ladybird logo. All show a ladybird in some way, starting off as a plain illustration, and progressing on to the red ladybird that is seen now.

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