Monday, December 13, 2010

Limited Edition Zeppelin Book

As I posted previously, I have been working with a couple of other people on a limited edition book about zeppelins. The final hardback book is now complete, along with a box case which it fits in. There are 35 double pages with 30 images, most of them created by us. Also there is an A2 screenprinted poster and a fold-out blueprint of a zeppelin. We wrote the story in the book. It is entirely fictitious, but loosely based on facts we found from our research.

I wrote the handwriting style in the book used for the first few words of each diary entry and also varnished on to the end pages and slotted part of the case. The front cover is screenprinted gold and also has a line of handwriting.

It has been a long process to create this book to the high standard we wanted, however it is very rewarding to see the final book in its final form.

Zeppelin Book Photographs