Thursday, November 15, 2012

Visconti Rebrand

I have recently been working on a little brief I set myself, to rebrand Visconti, an Italian pen company. The pens are traditionally made, of high quality, and therefor require an company image which maintains their desirability.

Current Logo

                                                               My Design

I do like their current logo, however I feel it is a tad dated, and just not quite put together effectively. I decided to keep to icon of the V because it works very well when applied to the nibs, ink bottles etc, and will be recognisable. To give Visconti a slightly more modern feel I gave the logo a more rounded shape, whilst keeping the top of the V squared to mimic the typeface underneath. The V contains the shape of a typical nib, and also the smoothness and transition from the thick and thin writing of a calligraphy pen. These things bring in different elements to the design.

With the type, I didn't feel the logo needed too much of a change from what was already designed, so I chose a serif typeface which is clear, with a nice rounded C and O. I chose not to include the 'Firenze' that was in the current logo because I wanted to strip it back and not to over clutter or bulk up the logo unnecessarily.

Testing out the logo on Visconti products I think it looks good. Clear and classy.

More applications are to follow.

This is my logo design, set as a personal project for myself, and is not commissioned or associated with the company.

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