Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reveal 2011 Branding

I was chosen as one of 4 people to brand the Northumbria University design degree show, Reveal 2011 and the Stuff symposium. it was a big task as we had control over almost everything, including invites, maps, directions, wall vinyls, flags and more.

Each course in the design school starts a brief with an idea, and that is what our concept was. We wanted to show how that idea progresses and evolves.

We chose vibrant citrus colours to brighten up the white walls of the building. All the material for Reveal was green and all Stuff symposium material was orange. This made it easier to distinguish between the two events.

The front glass panels of the building were covered in black vinyl which showed the reveal 2011 logo through white dots. A-Boards were used to direct visitors to the entrance.

Altogether for the stuff symposium and degree show there were 7 different invites. The logo was a spot varnish which gave a nice effective shine and a slight texture.

An award winners wall was created so that the free dots could be filled in with students names as each year new awards would be won.

Flags were attached to the lamp posts which ran across the main bridge to the design school.

The logo was applied to the lights at the front of the building.

The directional vinyls were placed around the building showing clearly where each course was exhibiting, the toilets, stairs and lifts, and also the no entry areas. A flyer was also created for containing this information.

A video was also created and can be viewed here.

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